Public Works

About the Department

The Lopatcong Township Public Works Department has various duties and responsibilities. Regardless of the weather conditions, every effort is made to accomplish our list of tasks. Residents cooperation is essential to the effectiveness of the department. Some of our work is part of a master plan for the year dealing with capital improvements. The remainder of our activities are dictated by conditions within the township, and the requests and concerns that are generated by the township residents.

Under the direction of town council, the Department of Public Works manages all aspects of public works and public works construction within the township. A general list of our duties are as follows:

  • General road maintenance: patching, paving, and sealing
  • Erect street signs, regulatory signs, and other township identifications
  • Maintain storm sewers
  • Tree maintenance: pruning, planting, removal
  • Snow removal: roads and township walkways, speading anti-skid materials
  • Lawn maintenance of township property
  • Assist and support other township departments, groups, and agencies

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of all “township owned” roads. County and state owned roads are maintained by those entities. You may call the Department of Public Works to ascertain the responsible government unit for specific roads.

Department News

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Snow Emergency Information

Snow Plan

During a snow storm the Department of Public Works, DPW, will clear emergency routes first.  These Emergency Roads are:






THEN DPW will clear all emergency buildings. THEN DPW will work on main road branches throughout the township and continue until all roads have been plowed. BY Township Ordinance, Sections 191.3 and 191.4 – if there is a snow emergency, which is defined as an accumulation of four inches of snow or more, all vehicles shall be removed from the street to driveways or other suitable off-street locations.  This will assist with snow removal.

Updates during the storm will be posted on our Facebook page.  You can access our page even if you do not have your own Facebook account. Please be safe and remember to check on your neighbors.

If assistance is needed, dial 911 in the case of an emergency.  If it is a non-emergency please call the police dispatch number 908-859-2211.