Fire Prevention

About the Department

The mission of the Fire Prevention Bureau is to provide residents protection against the loss of life and property from fire through code enforcement and public education.

General Information
The primary objectives are:

  • The prevention of fires.
  • The elimination of fire and life safety hazards in all existing buildings.
  • The maintenance of fire protection equipment and systems through inspection.
  • The regulation of storage, use, and handling of hazardous materials.
  • The enforcement of the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code.

The Fire Official is the administrator of the Fire Prevention Bureau and is responsible for fire code enforcement in existing construction to ensure minimum fire safety standards, set forth by law, are maitained. This includes fire prevention inspections of township businesses, investigation and remedy of fire code complaints, as well as inspection of residential uses prior to resale for the issuance of a “Certification of Smoke Detector Compliance”. The Fire Prevention Bureau also works in conjunction with the volunteer fire department to provide public education, school fire prevention programs (public, private, and pre-school) and fire safety information services.


Inspections are scheduled by appointment and usually occur during normal office hours. Additionally, a request for inspection must be made at least five working days prior to real estate closing to ensure an appointment and issuance of a certificate.

When calling, if no one is available, please leave a message. In case of emergency, the hours are flexible and may be extended later in the evening or on a Saturday.


Certain activities require fire safety permits issued by the Fire Official. See the attached code section listing the activities which need permits. When a permit is required, and application must be filed with the Fire Prevention Bureau along with the appropriate fee and any other plans or drawings that may be needed. An approved permit may be issued upon review, inspection, and payment of the required fees.
Permit application fees are as follows:
  • Type 1 Permit: $54.00
  • Type 2 Permit: $214.00
  • Type 3 Permit: $427.00
  • Type 4 Permit: $641.00

Notice to Commercial Uses and Twp Businesses

 Upon inspection, all businesses are required to apply for a “Certificate of Inspection” within thirty days. Usually, an “Application for Certificate” is left on the premises upon the conclusion of the inspection. However, should the application be misplaced or not received, file a document with the Fire Prevention Bureau.
Should additional time be needed to correct a violation cited under the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code, a time extension may be required under certain circumstances. To request an extension of time, use the “Application for Time Extension” document to file the request with the Fire Prevention Bureau.
Key Boxes are required for all non-residential uses which have fire alarm systems or fire suppresion systems on the premises. An approved application to purchase the required key box MUST be requested from the Fire Prevention Official.
Township Code 119-10 requires all businesses not considered Life Hazard Uses by the State Uniform Fire Code, to register with the Fire Prevention Bureau by completing a Local Non-Life Hazard Use Registration Form. The registration form is to be filed with the Fire Prevention Bureau.