Police Department

About the Department


The mission of the Lopatcong Township Police Department is to protect life and property, maintain public order, and to foster an atmosphere of community commitment between the police and township residents.

Most routine complaints, such as parking violations, minor property damage, and noise violations are not emergencies. If you need to speak with the police about a routine problem, call (908) 859-1212. Officers will assess your situation and handle it in an appropriate and timely manner.

The Lopatcong Township Police Department supports the nationally acclaimed  Law Enforcement Against Drugs program. “L.E.A.D” is the current program being taught by LEAD Officer Robert Stefano – their web site is http://www.leadrugs.org/.  The mission of this program is to create safer, healthier, free of drugs and violence communities.

As per the NJ Attorney General’s directive, please see our department rules and regulations memo on Drug Testing Sworn Employees, Applicants, and Trainers: Drug Testing Sworn Employees

As per the NJ Attorney General’s directive,  AG Directive 2018-6, please see our procedures on T and U Visa Certifications: T Visa & U Visa Certification Procedures



Accident Reports


Alarm Registration

All residents and businesses that have alarm systems are required to register them with the police department (local ordinance 69-The form is available through the police records clerk during normal business hours. The cost of doing so is $10.00 annually.

There are two types of alarm registration:

Central Station is connected to a private alarm company monitoring station. It is the private company that notifies the police to respond to the alarm.

Local Alarm produces a signal or sounding device for the purpose of summoning the police; it is not connected to a private monitoring station.

Please Note!

False alarms are an unnecessary expenditure of police response time. Township residences and businesses having alarms will receive a warning letter after the first or second false alarm during one calendar year. After three false alarms in a single calendar year, the violator will be issued a summons under local ordinance 67-7. Fines are set by the violations bureau and are increased for subsequent false alarms during the remainder of that year.

3rd false alarm – $50.00 fine plus $25.00 for costs.

Subsequent false alarms – $100.00 fine plus $25.00 for costs.

Domestic Violence

Every person has the right to feel safe and secure in their own home. If you are a victim of domestic violence, call 911. Officers will respond immediately. If the situation demands, we can, at any time, help you obtain a temporary restraining order against your attacker. We also want you to call us if you think you may be in a potentially abusive situation, and are afraid for yourself or your children. If you need to speak to someone about your legal options and local services, we suggest you contact the Warren County Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault Crisis Center (908)453-4181 or the New Jersey Domestic Violence Hotline @ (800) 572-7233. Trained counselors are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions and provide guidance. All calls are completely confidential.

Early Warning System

It is the policy of this department to implement and utilize an early warning system for tracking and reviewing incidents of risk and provide timely intervention consistent with Attorney General Guidelines. An early warning system is designed to detect patterns and trends before the conduct escalates into more serious problems. The primary intent is to address potential problems through the use of appropriate management and supervisory intervention strategies before negative discipline become necessary.