Shade Tree Commission

Meetings held quarterly on the second Thursday at 7:00pm unless noted otherwise

Appointed by Mayor - NJSA 40-61:1; Township Code Chapter 219

Shade Tree Commission Meeting Agendas and Minutes



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Matthew Herzer 



Costos Zambas








General Information

Trees are a vital part of our heritage and our future. Trees grace our township streets, the hills that border Lopatcong to the east and north: Marble Hill and Scotts Mountain. They lend a peaceful elegance to our country roads.shadetree

It is our wish that these trees continue to be a visible, living sign of stewardship. They reflect the towns commitment to the beauty and quality of life we want for our families here in Lopatcong.

America has the grandest trees on Earth - the largest, the oldest and, we think, the most beautiful. The United States is blessed with a wealth of tree species - more than twice as many as all of Europe. This past Arbor Day our nation named the Oak as our national tree. It now takes it's place with our other long enduring symbols that include the Bald Eagle, and the Star Spangled Banner.

For a more comprehensive look at what we are about - read our management plan


As part of our continuing education program, the Shade Tree Commission sends out postcards in the spring and early winter to keep you abreast of our doings here in town.