30th Annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner

The 30th Annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner was held on April 6, 2013 at the Delaware Park Firehouse.  The volunteers that were recognized this year for their volunteer efforts throughout the town were:

Mary Ann Belcaro

Greg Gitto

Charlotte Horun

David Jiorle

Kevin Jiorle

In order to be considered, you have to be a volunteer with 10 or more years of service within the different town organizations, such as the LAA, Fire Department, EMS, PTA, all town Boards, etc.  This year's recognition committee included Sandy Arndt, Stacy Ann Fischbach, Nancy Jankoski, Connie Miller, Bob Race, Irene Sprecher and Gary Woolf.

The town greatly appreciates all that our volunteers do and more are always needed! Please reach out to the municipal staff for information if you are interested in volunteering.