Economic Development Advisory Committee

EDAC meetings are not subject to the requirements of the Open Public Meetings Act

Appointed by Mayor with Consent of Council – Township Code Chapter 19


Name Represents Party Affliation Term Expires
Kathy Devos Local Business  Republican 12/31/2021
Vacant Marketing 12/31/2021
Vacant Insurance/Banking 12/31/2021
Vacant Marketing 12/31/2018
Vacant Industry/Commerce 12/31/2018
Maria Clifford Real Estate Republican 12/31/2020
Vacant Legal 12/31/2017
Vacant Community Group 12/31/2017
Vacant Labor 12/31/2020
Vacant Alternate 12/31/2018
Vacant Alternate 12/31/2019

We are looking for volunteers for EDAC! If you’d like to join our committee, please contact Councilman Palitto.

-Please check out our helpful links section below!  There are many resources available to NJ business owners, and these sites are a great place to start. Contact us if you need any additional help or information.

-A little background on EDACs:  The EDAC is present in many communities across New Jersey, as we are all working strenuously to retain and grow old businesses within our borders, and attract new businesses that will enhance our towns and maintain and stabilize our tax base.  Our EDAC is comprised of volunteers with specific qualifications who will be an informational resource for business owners and will act as a liasion to our town council and boards.  They will work to market our town to prospective businesses, and will reach out to current business owners to ascertain what they may need to continue to thrive within our town.  They will also work with the Warren County EDAC; the various state agencies that exist to support local businesses; and any related committees located in the towns surrounding Lopatcong as needed to promote our area and stimulate commercial growth.

-If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions, please contact Councilman Palitto.