Mosquito Spraying Information

The Warren County Mosquito Control Commission is planning a treatment for adult mosquito control in our area.

The following application will be made with a truck-mounted ultra- low volume sprayer.  The truck is well marked as a mosquito commission vehicle.  The application will be made as close to sunset as possible in order to increase its contact with actively flying mosquitoes. Spraying for adult mosquitoes is done on a limited and very localized basis to protect the public health from mosquito-borne illnesses.

Date of application: Sunday August 23, 2020
Time of Application: 7:45-11:00 pm
Brand Name and Active Ingredient of Pesticide: Deltagard Insecticide (EPA Reg # 432-1534) Active ingredient Deltamethrin


Zenivex E4 (EPA Reg # 2724-807) Active Ingredient Etofenprox

Location of Application: ALPHA-  N. Park Ave, E. Park Ave, West Blvd, Myrtle St, Argycle St., S. Park Ave., W. Central Ave.,, W. Park Ave., N. Park Ave.


Name and License Number of Certified Pesticide Applicator: Andrew Flohn – Applicator License #53233B

Rodell Buckley – Operator License #75548C

Jennifer Gruener – Applicator License #25339B

Stephanie Oliphant – Applicator License #56231B

Anastasia Giordano – Applicator License #58642B

*if part or all of this application gets cancelled, due to rain, winds, or other unforeseen circumstances another treatment will be scheduled