Spotted Latern Fly

The Spotted Lantern Fly,  initially found in Berks County Pennsylvania in 2014, was discovered in the New Jersey environment in July 2018 in Warren County.  Following this discovery, it was also found in Mercer and Hunterdon counties.  A Quarantine was initiated to slow the movement and control the further spread of this insect throughout the state. The Department and USDA field crews are out conducting surveys, assessing properties and conducting treatments against this invasive exotic insect in the Quarantine zone. As a result of surveys conducted by state and federal crews the Department is proposing to expand the Quarantine to include Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem and Somerset Counties beginning in August of 2019. Even though entire counties are identified in the Quarantine, the insect does not infest the entire county. This insect does not pose a direct threat to humans or animals but feeds on over 70 trees and plants and can cause significant damage to all sectors of the state’s agricultural industry and the forested environment as well.

Below is informational material to inform you about the insect, the damage it can cause, and what you can do to assist in the effort to control this pest, and what does the Quarantine mean to you.    Further information about this insect can be found on the Departments web page at

NJ Residence Checklist July 2018



Quarantine Plain Language for General Audience 8-2018 FINAL

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