Upcoming Road Projects

Mayor and Council recently approved several road projects for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019.

On or about October 1, 2018, the Township of Lopatcong will commence work on the milling and resurfacing of the following Township roadways:

  1. Briarstone Avenue ( entire length)
  2. Maple Street ( entire length)
  3. Greystone Avenue ( entire length)
  4. South Fourth Street ( between Baltimore Street and Edward Street)
  5. South Fifth Street ( between Baltimore Street and Dana Street)
  6. Cromwell Street ( between South Third Street and South Fourth Street)
  7. Red School Lane ( between Belvidere Road and Charles Road)

The Township is also looking to mill and resurface Baltimore Street between Red School Lane and the Hillcrest Mall this fall. Given the approval process we need to go through with the NJDOT, this project may end up being addressed in early 2019 rather than this fall.

The Township will also be performing on the following roadway sections in early 2019:

  1. Enmore Road ( entire length)
  2. Oxford Road ( entire length)
  3. South Fifth Street ( between Route 22 and Baltimore Street)

Any questions, please call town hall at 908-859-3355.