Delinquent Tax Notices

Delinquent Tax Notices were mailed out on Friday, June 16, 2018. If you feel that our records are incorrect, please contact the Township’s Tax Collector’s office and we will be happy to assist you in reviewing your account.

You may review your account online by using the following link: To review your tax account, select Taxes from the dropdown. To review your sewer account, select Utility from the dropdown.

When reviewing your account, please keep in mind that the law requires the Township to apply payments to the oldest delinquency and interest first, and work its way forward. Because of that, it may appear that your most recent payment was not applied to the quarter you were intending to pay. The staff in the Tax office will help to assist you in determining which payment, if any, was not applied to your account so that you can check your records.

For your convenience, the Tax office will have staff on hand Monday 2pm to 5pm, Tuesday 2pm to 7pm, and Wednesday 2pm to 5pm the week of June 25.

Please note, when looking at your account online, it is best to look at each individual year to determine what was actually applied to your account in that year.  Please contact us if you need any assistance at 908-859-3355 x230.

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